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Facilities Committee

We use our facilities every day and the wear and tear on the ramp, the docks and the boathouse is high. In addition, the equipment we all row takes a beating as part of normal use and needs constant attention to keep it in top rowing condition. It is the facilities committee that has the critical role of overseeing the maintenance of our equipment and facilities.

Specific responsibilities include:

·         Assign rack space and collect rack fees

·         Negotiate rack agreements with other tenants

·         Boathouse maintenance and improvements

·         Ramp maintenance and safety

·         Launch dolly maintenance and repair

·         Dock installation/removal

·         Dock repair and maintenance

·         Manage gas and oil supplies for launches

·         Oar repairs

·         Launches and motors maintenance and repairs

·         Manage boat spare parts inventory

·         Establish and respond to equipment maintenance log

·         Insure all facilities changes are compliant with Federal, state and local ordinances

·         Organize boathouse cleanup days as needed

For more information, contact board@geneseerowingclub.com or see the events calendar for committee meetings.