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Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of raising funds outside of normal membership and programming fees. While there are expected to be member based fund raising events, the focus of this committee should be to raise funds from sources other than the club membership. This includes:

  • Organize and manage the Mike O’Neill fundraiser

    1. Work with other local clubs to establish dates and event format

    2. Define, with other clubs, criteria for awarding scholarships

    3. Approve, with other clubs, applicants for scholarships

  • Manage the Corporate Challenge event

    1. Recruit corporations to participate in the Corporate Challenge event

    2. Work with the coaching staff to define a staffing/equipment/training plan for the event

    3. Work with club financial person to insure fees are collected and costs (coaching, coxswains, etc.) are allocated properly

  • Explore whether other corporate engagements are a possibility (i.e. team building)

  • Define and apply for grant opportunities from state and local governments

  • Solicit funds from corporate (and other) sponsors

  • Define and manage member fundraising events

For more information, contact board@geneseerowingclub.com, and look at the club's events calendar for important dates.