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IT Committee

The IT Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the club website and infrastructure as needed.  Work with our google platform, as well as Regatta Central to provide necessary support for all other committees and members.  This may include but is not limited to:

  • Creating and updating email distribution lists based on registration and show of interest

  • Unsubscribe those who no longer want to to receive emails

  • Manage admin and users of facebook page

  • Manage website -

    • adding new content,

    • Creating new pages

    • updated programming information

  • Maintain club calendar with all programming and events by staying in close communication with any group running an event

  • Working with marketing committee to use social media to its fullest potential

  • Work with registrar to provide regatta central support

  • Manage boat reservation system

    • Register new boat users (as approved by director)

    • Update boat calendars per coach's request

    • Support for those who need to change or cancel a registration

    • Provide boat usage report for reconciliation of funds