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Membership Committee

The objective of the Membership committee is to promote, grow and maintain a strong team membership within the Club. Along with identifying potential new members, the Committee will also foster and maintain a strong membership culture through effective communications and systems regarding membership on-boarding, registration, individual boat usage, membership and boat usage fees.

Specific duties include:

  • General Membership:

    • Work with Marketing Committee to develop and maintain membership marketing information

    • Provide content to Marketing Committee to disseminate on all avenues of media to most effectively attract potential members

    • Respond to all membership inquiries

    • Develop communication materials for all new rowers interested in the rowing experience

    • Develop an on-boarding process for new rowers

    • Establish a buddy-system and follow up-system for all new rowers

    • Prepare quarterly/annual retention report for the Board identifying any opportunities, issues that might impact membership retention

  • National Learn To Row Day (NLTRD):

    • Manage the NLTRD program by establishing a program timeline

    • Provide content to Marketing Committee to disseminate on all avenues of media to promote the event

    • Work with Head Coach to resource the event with boats, coaches, coxes.

    • Establish a volunteer group to assist in the days events

    • Communicate with all NLTRD participants in advance of the event to summarize the day’s agenda

    • Follow up with all NLTRD participants to survey their experience and promote membership with the Club

  • Registration Process:

    • Manage the membership and program enrollment process

    • Define program windows and communicate to the membership and potential membership

    • Outline the registration process and assist membership as needed using all available avenues of communication

    • Assist members with any problems with the registration process

    • Track and guarantee payments are made to Club

    • Manage US Rowing waiver process in Regatta Central

  • Membership Individual-Equipment Rental

    • Develop, define and communicate process for equipment usage by membership making sure that no conflict exists with practice timelines, regattas, etc.

    • With help from the IT Committee, develop and maintain an equipment reservation system

    • Develop a system of collection and audit for fees to be paid for equipment usage by members.

Please contact the board with any questions at board@geneseerowingclub.com, or check out the events calendar for important dates.