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Regatta Committee

PLEASE NOTE - this committee current does NOT have a chair, if you are interested, please contact the club president at president@geneseerowingclub.com.  We are a volunteer- member run organization, the more assistance the better for all involved!

The regatta committee is responsible for managing any aspects of regattas that are not performed by the coaching staff. This includes:

  • Managing the logistics of regatta accommodations and team events

    1. Arranging for blocks of hotel rooms for the competitive team

    2. Arranging for team meals as necessary

    3. Establishing a travel/ride sharing plan for getting to and from regattas

  • Communicate regatta logistics plan to the rowers

  • Track regatta participation for billing purposes and collect regatta fees from rowers

  • Manage the hospitality tent for regattas (tent, tables, food, drink, setup/take down)

  • Reserve the truck for all regattas (Enterprise truck rental)

  • Maintain a running record of GRC’s regatta performance for publication on the club website and in marketing material

  • Order uni’s and other apparel that is consistent with the branding defined by the marketing committee (marketing committee should approve all designs). Collect money for ordered apparel and distribute merchandise.

Please contact the board at board@geneseerowingclub.com with any questions or to volunteer for committee chair, and see the events calendar for upcoming regatta dates.