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View Boat Calendars & Make Reservations

First, read the Eligibility, Rules, and Fees for signing out club boats and Buy Boat Usage Coupon Books

Scroll down to view Calendars for Singles, Doubles/Pairs, and Quads

Make a reservation using this FORM.  To delete or change a reservation, or for help making reservations, email boats@geneseerowingclub.com

Calendar for Singles

Boat Calendar Color
1x:Swift:   #1, #2, #3 Red
1x:White:Alden Star:NoName Blue
1x;White;Maas 24:NoName Gold

Calendar for Doubles & Pairs

Boat Calendar Color
2x:Gray:Fluidesign:NoName Gray

Calendar for Quads

Boat Calendar Color
4x:Navy:Fluidesign:Bello Blue