How can I learn to row?

GRC offers multiple ways to get started with rowing.  Click HERE to learn about how to get started!

What should I wear for Indoor Tanks?

The room where the tanks are located can get pretty cold during the winter months. After a few minutes of rowing, you will get pretty warm. Therefore, it is best to wear several layers that can easily be added/removed.

As far as shoes, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers.

How do I get to the Genesee Rowing Club (GRC) Boathouse?

Our boathouse is located in Genesee Valley Park but we’re NOT at the ice rink and swimming pool. Enter Genesee Valley Park at Moore Rd which is directly opposite the entrance to the University of Rochester on Elmwood Avenue (note: We are on the same side of the river as UofR!) Follow Moore Rd all the way to the end where it terminates right after crossing over I-390. Turn right onto Hawthorne (NOT well-marked) and follow Hawthorne through a gate until it ends in a parking lot at a loop. Park and walk northward under 390 (toward the river) and you will see our boathouse on the right. The doors to the boathouse face the water.

Alternately, you can enter Genesee Valley Park at the East River Rd entrance. Bear right and then continue on (Hawthorne) until it terminates in the parking loop. Follow as directed above from this point on.

Either way, OUR BOATHOUSE IS ALMOST DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH 390. If you aren’t sure whether you’ve reached the correct spot, look above you! If there is not a highway on top of you, reassess!

What do I do if the parking lot is full?

Additional parking is available at the lot just before the gates on the road down to the boathouse or in the grassy area immediately adjacent to the main GRC parking lot.

How do I pay for classes?

You can send a check (made out to GRC or Genesee Rowing Club) to our MAILING address: Genesee Rowing Club, PO Box 10073, Rochester, NY 14610 or you can bring cash or a check to your first class. Payment through Regaatta Central is preferred.

What should I do with valuables?

As with any public use area, be certain to lock your car and do not leave valuables inside whether or not they are in sight. While we have space in the boathouse for storage of extra clothing and keys, we cannot provide secure storage, so we recommend that you leave your valuables at home.

What do I do if I have to miss a class?

Because we are very dependent on having the right number of people to fill the boats properly, we ask that you provide us with as much time as possible. Please send an email to the coaches at coaches@geneseerowingclub.com (more than 24 hours notice) or for less than 24 hours notice call your coach for that session.

How will I know if a class is cancelled by GRC?

We rarely have to cancel a class, but in the event that we do, our preferred method of contact is via email. If there is a storm (thunder and lightning) approaching as you prepare to leave home, check your email for a message. We will also post the cancellation on the website.

Do I have to be a member to race with GRC?

You do not have to be a member of Genesee Rowing Club to race as part of a Learn to Row Class or at one of our home regattas.  Our home regattas currently include Genesee Sprints in June and Head of the Genesee in October. 

To race as Genesee Rowing Club at all other regattas, you need to be a member.  You can find all the benefits of being a GRC member  and details of how to become a member on our membership page.

What is your class make-up policy?

Due to coaching, coxswain and equipment limitations, make-up session will be on a first come, first serve basis and upon coaches discretion.  Coaches have the ability to turn away rowers if it impacts the quality of their practice (i.e. odd numbers, etc).  Rowers originally signed up for that practice have priority when it comes to boating.  More than 72 hours notice cannot guarantee an available seat but is highly encouraged and allows coaches time to make lineup changes.