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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Kathy Bello
Martha Kohn
Martha Kohn
Gary Swagler
Gary Swagler

About the Board

Genesee Rowing Club is a registered 501(c) Not For Profit Corporation. A 10 person Board of Directors runs the corporation, managing the programs, assets, and finances, and ensuring that the corporation is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.  Board members are not paid.

Members in good standing are eligible to run for the Board. Elections to the Board are held at our annual meeting in November. All Board positions are appointed for a two-year term (renewable).  We stagger the replacement of board members so that, in any year, at least half the board is experienced.

Past Board Members
Tom Kane                 Tracy Bass         Heather Goerlich        Laura Civiletti        
Mary Fredlund