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Sculling is the art of rowing with 2 oars per person.  Sculling provides the opportunity for our rowers to row in boats designed for one, two or four rowers, with the navigation of the shell the responsibility of the rowers in the boat.  With minimal traffic on the river and the canal where GRC operates, sculling provides an opportunity to row with minimal personnel requirements and get close to our region’s natural resources.

This program is designed for rowers who are new to sculling and who have completed Introduction to Novice or have previous sweep rowing experience.   Rowers will be taught in Quads, Doubles and/or Singles.  The program will cover safety, boat handling, steering and stroke technique.

Please note that participation will be capped for each class time.  Registration will be on a first come/first serve basis.  While GRC membership is not required to participate in LTS (learn to scull), currently enrolled GRC participants will get preference at enrollment.  All rowers participating in GRC programming or representing GRC at regattas must be US Rowing members and sign the US Rowing waiver. This includes both members and nonmembers. You may initiate/renew your membership in US Rowing and sign the waiver here. If you are a new US Rowing member, select Join under Individuals. If you are already a member select the appropriate link from the Members drop down menu under Individuals.

For programming and membership fees please visit our Costs page.  

Summer I: Learn to Scull  

June 5th - July 19 ( 6 weeks)

Monday and Wednesday 9:15am-10:45am

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            Summer I: Experienced Sculling
            June 5 - July 19th (6 weeks)
            Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-10:45

Summer II: Learn to Scull  


Contact if interested in a learn to scull

Summer II: Experienced Sculling

July 24 - September 2nd (6 weeks)

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:45pm-7:15

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:15am-10:45

            Cost is $120/class for nonmembers, $102/class for members

            Fall Rowing: Experienced Sculling
            September 11th - October 21st
Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm-7:15pm
     Tuesday & Thursday 9:15am-10:45am
Cost is $120/class for nonmembers, $102/class for members


       Private Sculling Lessons:

Offered exclusively by our most experienced instructors, these lessons provide one on one instruction in either a double or single at times convenient for the participant. Cost for a 75-minute private sculling session is $65. 

Sculling Lessons are offered during Summer and Fall Seasons.

To set up a lesson, contact our Head Coach Nicki Brugler by emailing

Sculling Mentoring Program

GRC has a group of dedicated scullers that are willing to take out scullers who just need the occasional guidance, or a little help with steering to develop confidence while navigating our river and canal. This class can be arranged for a double or in singles depending on the capability of the student. Cost for a 75-minute session is $35.

Sculling Lessons are offered during Summer and Fall Seasons.

To set up a mentoring program, contact our Head Coach Nicki Brugler by emailing