The most exciting team in the Rochester area, Flower City is a team for athletically ambitious rowers with considerable rowing experience and the desire to get back in a boat. Powered by Genesee Rowing Club, Flower City Rowing has the best of both worlds, the stable community of masters rowers, along with its own unique energy driving to show that Rochester has what it takes to compete in the open category rowing arena. 

Summer practice times
June 7th - August 15
Mon, Wed, Fri at 5:30am
Regatta Schedule
Masters Nationals, Oak Ridge, TN
August 12th-15th
Summer Price
$50 for GRC's limited U30 Summer membership
$370 for 10 weeks of rowing
If help with financing needed contact FCRdirector@geneseerowingclub.com


Flower City Rowing is a team that proves graduating college does not mean your rowing years are
behind you. FCR provides community, racing opportunities and a means to stay in peak physical shape
for those with considerable rowing experience who can meet a fitness and technical standard. The
program involves an intense training schedule with team training 5 to 6 days week focused towards
competing in Open regattas and rowing events.


Flower City was started when a few RIT student rowers, ran out of athletic eligibility but still wanted to get on the water and keep rowing. Since then the program has grown to almost three eights of rowers from eight different colleges and competed in a few major regattas. This summer is the biggest the club has been and it shows no sign of slowing down. Flower City is an exciting place to be these days, so watch this space for things to come.