During the winter Genesee Rowing Club helps all of our rowers stay in shape with on land  classes at the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center.  This facilities provide a challenging and engaging workout for to get everyone ready to hit the water come spring time.


Along the way there are fun happy hours, and hard workouts, come make friends and get fit while doing it!




The Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center: 

located at 2800 Clover Street, Pittsford. The facility has a capacity of 32 rowers at a time rowing in 4 “mini-canals”, each with moving water. The Center has been built to provide rowing education for as wide a variety of rower as possible. Water speed, stretcher position, spread, and height are all adjustable. The class offers a combination of ERGing and rowing in the tanks. 

All programs will start on time with or without you.

Genesee Waterways Center: 

located at 149 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY. These classes are open to anyone willing to push harder and improve their overall fitness.  For these classes, expect to get faster on the ERG as well as learn about injury prevention through dynamic stretching and full body circuits.  Classes will consist of approximately 65% ERGing and 35% circuit work varying by practice.

2021 Season

Winter 1 - November 13 - December 16

Winter 2 - Jan 4 - Feb 12

Winter 3 - Feb 15 - March 26


If not signed up see drop in rates below:

PIRC for Drop In’s - $25 per class

PIRC dates

Tues: 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

Thurs: 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

Saturday: 6:50 am - 8:20 am

For any additional questions please email Director@geneseerowingclub.com
All rowers must have a signed USRowing wavier, and enter our club code (TWJKL)